Annitor Breaking & Demolition

Annitor Breaking & Demolition

Annitor Breaking & Demolition born from the desire to solve all the needs of our coast- line, inland waters, ports, ships and maritime installations in relation to underwater works,which includes installation, maintenance and repair.

We have teams of professional skill divers equipped with the necessary equipment to tackle the most complex tasks.

We can handle any type of environment or adverse circumstances


Installation, maintenance, repair and operation and laying cable lines and maintenance
survey offshore platform and maintenance
Change hoses, tubes and buoys,
End pipe collector (MILP) inspection, repair and maintenance
Single Point Mooring (SPM), fields and navigation aids
air diving, docks and terminals saturation diving and mixed gas inspection and maintenance of underwater pipeline support and stabilization


REPSOL Assistance Platform Casablanca (Mediterranean Sea) maintaining BASF chemical terminal (Spain)
TERQUIMSA oil terminal maintenance (Spain)
EURO ENERGO terminal care (Spain)
CASTOR project pipelaying assistance (Spain) Balearic pipeline project laying aid (Spain) Communication Cable laying aid (Morocco) REPSOL Tarragona S.B.M. Maintenance and Operation

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