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Annitor Group was founded in 1989 and since then has remained true to its ideal of service and professionalism.

Annitor Group began with two companies that reflect their first and essential activities Annitor Annitor Engineering and Consulting.

In addition to these two companies Annitor Gest appears that advises and coordinates the different and multiple efforts, national and international.

Annitor Group companies are today in 14 countries on 4 continents.

That’s “annitor” from Latin: The result (result) of an effort“.


What is an EPC?

The projects developed through a type EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) are a common form of contract in the field of construction industry, renewable energies, RSU treatments, etc.

The projects developed by EPC are those in which the project owner or investor, contract engineering services, procurement and construction to a contractor.

The installation contractor designs, acquires the necessary materials and build the project. A common model project is a turnkey project by a fixed price through a standard contract EPC.

With this model of contracting, construction risk lies primarily with the contractor, so that the property ignores these problems. The owner is protected from changes in prices of materials, labor, etc.

The price is set at the beginning of the project, which is a great benefit to the owner. Another point in favor of the EPC contracts is that the owner has immediate availability of post-commissioning and service communication tasks are simplified by having a single point of contact.

In general, contracts EPCs are the fastest and easiest solution for the property.

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