Economía Legal, s.l. (Legal economy) It is a company whose corporate purpose is the provision of advisory services and consulting companies or individuals.

Economía Legal (legal economy) has created a new concept consulting company and / or agency, with the philosophy of reducing costs that do not generate value or the counselor or the client.

The decrease in costs is achieved by the concept: “the more you do in your business less the amount of advice”. The reason is based on the company with human and computer resources can make an important part of the advisory work that do not require the skills of a consultant, but always with the monitoring and control by the advice.

Fiscal service

Advice, preparation and submission of tax liabilities and tax planning both companies and individuals (inheritance, gift, rent, nonresidents, …).

• Exchange hours

ECONOMIALEGAL is often with clients by family commitment, friendship or others want to hire our services but without leaving your manager / adviser forever.

• Consultation Online

The ON-LINE inquiry is intended to settle a debt at a certain time will have a user as, sending us a request with your problem will indicate a reference number to track your record and tell you briefly what is the matter and steps to fix it.

• Commercial Advisory

Within the framework of the European Economic Community at the time of starting an activity you need to decide what kind of legal form and where will locate. A commercial advice on the next steps, duties and rights of owners, tax, labor and other implications as sanitary or urban etc., we made the decision with a time horizon to five years seen from the analysis of the current situation.


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