MSLK INVEST & ENGINEERING manages projects and national and international patents and develops part I + D + i.

MSLK is a company dedicated to the treatment and re-evaluation of all types of waste, industrial, urban, agricultural and livestock.

MSLK destroys physical computer systems and data carriers.

Our technology dates back to early 1970, initiating its development in Germany.

We exploit more than twenty patents developed by our collaborators.

The installations, especially in Central and North Europe, behind us.The various technologies developed by collaborators MSLK cover treatments and revaluation of waste:

•Urban Waste.
• Vegetable Waste.
• Industrial Oils.
• Destruction computer media.
• Edible Oils
• Corrosive and toxic acids.
• Tires.
• Slurry, grouse, etc.


Annitor – Tratamiento y Revalorización de Residuos – Waste Renders 004

Annitor – Tratamiento y Revalorización de Residuos – Wastes Works 005

Annitor – Waste treatment and revaluation – Wastes Woods 001

Annitor – Production of biogas from organic waste or vegetable 016

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